Early Light Klickitat Canyon

Early morning fall light on cottonwoods in Klickitat Canyon (Philip A. Knouf) Lovely panoramic view of cottonwoods in a bend in the Klickitat River Canyon.  This section of the river is designated as a wild and scenic river.  It also is included designated as a Washington Natural Resources Conservation Area.  This area includes the only […]

Latourell Falls Winter Light

Latourell Falls with bright, winter side light illuminating the catkins of the Alder trees and the phosphorescence green glow of the new moss on the Big Leaf Maple branches  

Horse Tail Falls Marsh Light

Late storm light on the Horse Tail Falls Marsh.  Lovely contrast from the bright fall light on the fall colors in the marsh.  Late fall season rains brought the Horse Tail Falls Marsh back to life with great reflections of the fall colors.

Latourell Falls Base

It was a fine and calm day to photograph this lower portion of Latourell Falls.  Typically there is a lot of mist in the air that one has to deal with lots of moisture on the lens.  No mist on the lens for this image and lovely and soft light really brings out the color […]

Mist Falls Lodge Fireplace & Falls

This old fireplace is all that is left of the Old Multonamah Falls Lodge more commonly known as Mist Falls Lodge.  A portion of Mist Falls can be see in the background to the right.  There is a rather steep and slippery trail up to a higher viewpoint of the falls.  A very nice historical […]

Trout Creek Fall

Golden colors along Trout Creek in Trout Creek Campground

Trout Creek originates on the western slopes of Mt. Adams.  This lovely fall color is along the Trout Creek Campground trail just northwest of Trout Lake Washington.  My friend Ron and I were out exploring on a Friday evening of a weekend when several members of the Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers Forum were meeting for […]

Fall Color Morning

Sunrise light on fall leaves in Elk Meadow, Trout Lake Washington

I was here photographing with several other landscape and nature photographers with the Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers Forum.  The sun had just risen which provided the warm glow for this fall color.  There is a mix of vine maples, big leaf maples and aspen.  The aspen had just started turning so there was not much […]

Elk Meadows Sunrise

Elk Meadows is just outside of Trout Lake Washington along FS88.  The meadow has large stands of Aspens, Vine Maple, Big Leaf Maple and meadow grasses.  This morning was a surprise as most of the preceding night we were pelted in our tents by rain and sleet.  And it was quite chilly also.  But before […]

Goose Lake Reflections

Falls colors reflected in the surface of Goose Lake

Goose Lake is a volcanic sinkhole at the northwestern edge of the Big Lava Flow.  Goose Lake formed when the lava flows filled in a former stream valley and formed the lake.  The lake once had an outlet in the middle through which the lake level lowered each year in the summer.  In 1930 the […]

Vine Maple Blaze

Blazing Vine Maple color just west of Trout Lake, WA.

I found this lovely Vine Maple blaze scene along FS 66 just west of the intersection of FS 66 and FS 24; this area is know as Peterson Prairie, which is west of Trout Lake Washington.  The difficult process of finding pattern and form out of the intense chaos that is fall color in this […]

Spring Splendor

The green splendor of spring along Cripple Creek

The splendor of Spring is on massive display along the little known Cripple Creek in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  The delightful many hues of Spring splendor manifest themselves with the diffused light of a cloudy sky.  The rain had just stopped so just about every green surface glowed in the wetness.

Foggy Falls

This foggy falls is one of the levels at Big Springs Creek Falls in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state.  My friend Ron and I were on on way to check out conditions higher up on Mt. Adams along FR 23.  It had been raining from a summer thunderstorm but stopped just before […]

Mt. Hood Wildflowers

Lovely Lupines in the glow of sunset on Mt. Hood

These Mt. Hood wildflowers are just next to the spectacular Zig Zag canyon on the southwest side of the mountain.  My friend Ron and I had hiked about two miles west of Timberline Lodge on the Timberline Trail to find a good spot for some sunset images.  We were finally rewarded with the Mt. Hood […]

Huckleberry Reflections

While the season for picking huckleberries was past at the time I created this image, the huckleberry reflections in one of the Surprise Lakes was delightful to witness.  This area is part of the Sawtooth Berry Fields in the northern part of the Indian Heaven Wilderness.  There are many small lakes in this area that […]

Vine Maple Silver Logs

The Vine Maple in the Big Lava Bed area are often next to silver logs of dead trees that litter the crinkly lava of this area.  The lava is mostly basalt with some ropey Pahoehoe.  Because this area receives a lot of moisture in the winter and spring there is actually a lot of vegetation […]

Alpine Glow

Alpine Glow On Mt. Hood Oregon

The lovely alpine glow of Mt. Hood presented itself on the last day of August 2012.  Later in the evening the alpine glow gave way to a new moon which, because it was the second moon of the month, became the ‘Blue Moon’ .  This image was made up along the Lolo Pass Road in […]

Mt. Hood Sunset

Mt. Hood is bathed in the warm rays of sunset while colorful lupines and asters glow in an alpine meadow along the Timberline Trail in the Mt. Hood Wilderness.  The gnarled and stunted trees attest to the ferocity of weather at timberline on the slopes of Mt. Hood.  This is the same location of my […]

Western Cascades Sunset

Sunset over the Western Cascades with new moon (Philip A. Knouf)

  This sunset was taken looking out over the Western Cascades along the Timberline Trail on Mt. Hood.  This location is approximately 2 miles from Timberline Lodge just before the trail goes down and across Zigzag canyon.  We were here for sunset pictures of Mt. Hood.  We were through with sunset on the mountain when […]

Waterfalls 2 Fire

6,000 plus acre fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation (Philip A. Knouf)

  This is an image of the Waterfalls 2 fire burning in the western portion of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon.  As of August 20, 2012, the fire has burned more than 6,000 acres of thick timber with much of the fire area in very difficult to fight terrain.  The Waterfalls 2 fire […]

Cripple Creek Spring

Spring flow on Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek Spring is an image I made along Cripple Creek; a small tributary of the Clackamas River.  Cripple Creek drains from the high country of the Roaring River Wilderness and dumps into the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River.  This location is passed by literally thousands of travelers on FS 46 on their way up […]

Foggy Glow

The cold spring water creates it own fog in warm, rain moistened air at Big Spring Creek Falls.

  This image has a foggy glow to it which immediately caught my eye as I was driving on FR23 in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  We had driven into rain showers just above Trout Lake Washington a couple of weeks into July on our trip to Tahklahk Lake to check out the flowers.  The […]

Lupines & Stream

Graceful Lupines and red Indian Paintbrush grow next to a small stream in the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

  These graceful Lupines and red Indian Paintbrush are growing next to a small stream flowing in a high meadow in the Mt. Adams Wilderness area in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state.  This meadow is tucked away just off of FR 2329 and close to both the Killen Creek Campground and the […]

Big Spring Creek Falls-1

One level of the tiered falls on Big Spring Creek in the Giffor Pinchot NF

The Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington State contains many waterfalls that are a bit off of the beaten path and that usually are not very well know.  This waterfall, Big Spring Creek Falls, is just off of FR 23 before the junction with FR 90.  At the junction FR23 goes right up to Tahklahk […]

Multnomah Falls Summer Solstice

Summer solstice lights Multnomah Falls for a rare view of the usually shaded falls

  Multnomah Falls is the most popular tourist destination in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and in the state of Oregon.  Multnomah Falls is also the highest waterfall in Oregon topping out at 620 total feet in its two sections.  During the summer the falls location can seem like a busy day at […]