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Latourell Falls Base

It was a fine and calm day to photograph this lower portion of Latourell Falls.  Typically there is a lot of mist in the air that one has to deal with lots of moisture on the lens.  No mist on the lens for this image and lovely and soft light really brings out the color […]

Mist Falls Lodge Fireplace & Falls

This old fireplace is all that is left of the Old Multonamah Falls Lodge more commonly known as Mist Falls Lodge.  A portion of Mist Falls can be see in the background to the right.  There is a rather steep and slippery trail up to a higher viewpoint of the falls.  A very nice historical […]

Cripple Creek Spring

Spring flow on Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek Spring is an image I made along Cripple Creek; a small tributary of the Clackamas River.  Cripple Creek drains from the high country of the Roaring River Wilderness and dumps into the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River.  This location is passed by literally thousands of travelers on FS 46 on their way up […]

Forlorn Homestead

An abandoned and forlorn farmstead in rolling wheat fields in the Palouse of south eastern Washington state.

  This forlorn homestead is in very sad condition but shows hints of a vibrant and meaningful past.  Set as it is in the midst of the second largest wheat production area in the world, the Ukraine is first, the structure of the buildings shows a love of design and craftsmanship.  The lovely front porch […]

Trilliums Patch

A nice patch of Trilliums early in the Spring in the Carter Bridge Campground along the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River

I discovered this group of Trilliums early in the spring in the Carter Bridge Campground along the Wild and Scenic portion of the Clackamas River in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  There had been rain earlier that left a few drops of water on the petals and leaves of the plants.  Lighting conditions were perfect […]

Indian Plum

Indian Plum with pendant white blossoms in early Spring in the Carter Bridge Campground along the Wild and Scenic Clackamas River.

The Indian Plum is often the first deciduous native shrub to flower in late winter in the Pacific Northwest.  The Indian Plum is an important early season nectar source for hummingbirds, moths and butterflies, native bees and other pollinator species.  Fragrant 1/2 inch greenish white flowers usually appear by late winter in loose hanging clusters […]

Forest Park Trilliums

Trillium's abound in the Spring in Forest Park, Portland, Oregon.

Portland’s Forest Park is one of the largest urban forest reserves in the United States.  Forest Park is a public municipal park in the Tualatin Mountains west of downtown Portland, Oregon. Stretching for more than 8 miles (13 km) on hillsides overlooking the Willamette River, it is one of the country’s largest urban forest reserves. The park, a […]