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Horse Tail Falls Marsh Light

Late storm light on the Horse Tail Falls Marsh.  Lovely contrast from the bright fall light on the fall colors in the marsh.  Late fall season rains brought the Horse Tail Falls Marsh back to life with great reflections of the fall colors.

Trout Creek Fall

Golden colors along Trout Creek in Trout Creek Campground

Trout Creek originates on the western slopes of Mt. Adams.  This lovely fall color is along the Trout Creek Campground trail just northwest of Trout Lake Washington.  My friend Ron and I were out exploring on a Friday evening of a weekend when several members of the Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers Forum were meeting for […]

Cripple Creek Spring

Spring flow on Cripple Creek.

Cripple Creek Spring is an image I made along Cripple Creek; a small tributary of the Clackamas River.  Cripple Creek drains from the high country of the Roaring River Wilderness and dumps into the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River.  This location is passed by literally thousands of travelers on FS 46 on their way up […]

Foggy Glow

The cold spring water creates it own fog in warm, rain moistened air at Big Spring Creek Falls.

  This image has a foggy glow to it which immediately caught my eye as I was driving on FR23 in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  We had driven into rain showers just above Trout Lake Washington a couple of weeks into July on our trip to Tahklahk Lake to check out the flowers.  The […]

Lupines & Stream

Graceful Lupines and red Indian Paintbrush grow next to a small stream in the Mt. Adams Wilderness.

  These graceful Lupines and red Indian Paintbrush are growing next to a small stream flowing in a high meadow in the Mt. Adams Wilderness area in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state.  This meadow is tucked away just off of FR 2329 and close to both the Killen Creek Campground and the […]

Reflection Trillium Lake

Reflection of Mt. Hood in Trillium Lake in Spring under a brilliant blue sky.

The reflection of Mt. Hood in Trillium Lake shows just a small patch of ice remaining after a long winter’s sleep.  The brilliance of the reflection is enhanced by the lovely blue of the sky and water.  I stopped here on my way home from photographing the sunset and sunrise at Tom McCall Preserve.  It […]

Waterfall – Mist Falls

Mist Falls waterfall drops 400 feet over rugged basalt cliffs

This image of Mist Falls waterfall was taken from the small lake at Benson State Park in the Columbia River Gorge in early April 2012.  Mist Falls waterfall  deserves greater attention than it receives since at over 400 feet it is one of the tallest recognized waterfalls in Oregon. However, the waterfall is less than […]

Bridge at Wahkeena Falls Waterfall

A side view of one section of Wahkeena Falls waterfall from the stone bridge over Wahkeena Creek.

  Wahkeena Falls is a 210 foot waterfall that is unlike many of the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area .  The falls does not drop into a plunge pool like nearby Multnomah Falls but instead cascades down a narrow chasm to its base.  It then flows 100 feet down an alluvial […]