All images in my galleries are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.  My earlier images are from scanned 4×5 color transparencies; primarily Velvia 50 and 100.  I create a high resolution scan and then utilize current versions of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to bring the image to my previsualization of the original scene.   More recent images were created with my Canon 5D MKII DSLR camera and then process in a similar fashion to my earlier images.  All of this digital darkroom work is performed only by me to maintain creative control.  I print my images on an Epson 7900 printer.  As you browse the images in my gallery you will see the Add To Cart option.  Click on the image to enlarge and then click on Add To Cart to see the image sizes, finishes and prices.  Typically I will be able to finish your print within two to three weeks of receiving the order.  My secure payment options include PayPal and credit cards through the PayPal site.

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