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Elk Meadows Sunrise

Elk Meadows is just outside of Trout Lake Washington along FS88.  The meadow has large stands of Aspens, Vine Maple, Big Leaf Maple and meadow grasses.  This morning was a surprise as most of the preceding night we were pelted in our tents by rain and sleet.  And it was quite chilly also.  But before […]

Sunrise Fish Creek Aspen

Sunrise over colorful Aspen trees in the Fish Creek drainage on Steens Mountain

  This sunrise was taken above the Fish Creek drainage on Steens Mountain.  Aspen rarely make an appearance in Oregon and to find such a large colorful stand was outstanding to say the least.  The Aspen here only occur in a narrow elevation range of between 6,500 to 8,000 feet.  My friend Ron and I […]

Sunrise Columbia Hills

Sunrise over the flower covered Columbia Hills in the Dalles Mtn. State Park

This sunrise over the Columbia Hills State Park in the Dalles Mountain Ranch component was quite spectacular.  At this time of the year the sun rises high over one of the taller of the ridges within the Columbia Hills State Park.  This creates a very dramatic and intense first light on the Columbia Gorge Broad-leaf […]

Sunrise Tom McCall Preserve

Sunrise over the yellows and purples of the flowers in the Tom McCall Nature Preserve

This gorgeous sunrise was taken a short way up the trail to Tom McCall Point at the Tom McCall Preserve just west of the small town of Rowena Oregon.  I arrived about one hour before sunrise to scout out a location for the image I knew I wanted to create.  As I am still in […]