Fall Color

Early Light Klickitat Canyon

Early morning fall light on cottonwoods in Klickitat Canyon (Philip A. Knouf) Lovely panoramic view of cottonwoods in a bend in the Klickitat River Canyon.  This section of the river is designated as a wild and scenic river.  It also is included designated as a Washington Natural Resources Conservation Area.  This area includes the only […]

Horse Tail Falls Marsh Light

Late storm light on the Horse Tail Falls Marsh.  Lovely contrast from the bright fall light on the fall colors in the marsh.  Late fall season rains brought the Horse Tail Falls Marsh back to life with great reflections of the fall colors.

Trout Creek Fall

Golden colors along Trout Creek in Trout Creek Campground

Trout Creek originates on the western slopes of Mt. Adams.  This lovely fall color is along the Trout Creek Campground trail just northwest of Trout Lake Washington.  My friend Ron and I were out exploring on a Friday evening of a weekend when several members of the Pacific Northwest Nature Photographers Forum were meeting for […]

Elk Meadows Sunrise

Elk Meadows is just outside of Trout Lake Washington along FS88.  The meadow has large stands of Aspens, Vine Maple, Big Leaf Maple and meadow grasses.  This morning was a surprise as most of the preceding night we were pelted in our tents by rain and sleet.  And it was quite chilly also.  But before […]

Goose Lake Reflections

Falls colors reflected in the surface of Goose Lake

Goose Lake is a volcanic sinkhole at the northwestern edge of the Big Lava Flow.  Goose Lake formed when the lava flows filled in a former stream valley and formed the lake.  The lake once had an outlet in the middle through which the lake level lowered each year in the summer.  In 1930 the […]

Vine Maple Blaze

Blazing Vine Maple color just west of Trout Lake, WA.

I found this lovely Vine Maple blaze scene along FS 66 just west of the intersection of FS 66 and FS 24; this area is know as Peterson Prairie, which is west of Trout Lake Washington.  The difficult process of finding pattern and form out of the intense chaos that is fall color in this […]

Huckleberry Reflections

While the season for picking huckleberries was past at the time I created this image, the huckleberry reflections in one of the Surprise Lakes was delightful to witness.  This area is part of the Sawtooth Berry Fields in the northern part of the Indian Heaven Wilderness.  There are many small lakes in this area that […]

Vine Maple Silver Logs

The Vine Maple in the Big Lava Bed area are often next to silver logs of dead trees that litter the crinkly lava of this area.  The lava is mostly basalt with some ropey Pahoehoe.  Because this area receives a lot of moisture in the winter and spring there is actually a lot of vegetation […]

Sunrise Fish Creek Aspen

Sunrise over colorful Aspen trees in the Fish Creek drainage on Steens Mountain

  This sunrise was taken above the Fish Creek drainage on Steens Mountain.  Aspen rarely make an appearance in Oregon and to find such a large colorful stand was outstanding to say the least.  The Aspen here only occur in a narrow elevation range of between 6,500 to 8,000 feet.  My friend Ron and I […]

Vine Maple in Big Lava Flow

Glowing beauty of Vine Maple set against the dark flow of ʻaʻā lava.

  The Big Lava Flow is in the Giford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state.  In the fall of 2011 I was fortunate to have ideal cloudy and misty conditions for photographing this fiery red Vine Maple bush growing out of the lava.  The fall color of Vine Maple tends to be quite reddish and […]