Cripple Creek Spring

Spring flow on Cripple Creek.

Spring flow on Cripple Creek. (Philip A. Knouf)

Cripple Creek Spring is an image I made along Cripple Creek; a small tributary of the Clackamas River.  Cripple Creek drains from the high country of the Roaring River Wilderness and dumps into the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River.  This location is passed by literally thousands of travelers on FS 46 on their way up the Clackamas River.  However, as there is a quite dense row of trees between the road and this section of Cripple Creek, very few travelers stop in this location.  Just upstream from this spot there are the remains of a small camping spot next to a mostly collapsed wooden bridge.  I presume the old road is a long abandoned logging road.  It had been raining as we arrived but the heavy showers soon stopped.  Gradually the sun started peaking through the clouds, which made the contrast way too significant for a useable image, so we waited for the shade to return.  We were rewarded with the beautiful light that illuminated this lovely and serene forest scene.   I have another image from this spot taken in early spring before the vegetation leafs out that provides a very different feeling for this view.  I’ll post that shortly as I work my way through a large back log of images which I have not been able to keep up with due to the 15 months of Chemo therapy I recently finished.

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